A range of products for children to explore and understand different aspects of early personal, social, health and emotional education, including our Understanding Feelings set and dental health resources, as well as puzzles and games for talking about families and relationships.

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  1. Anatomical Teeth / Dental Set

    Anatomical Teeth / Dental Set

    SSP: £12.50

    Large Anatomical Dental Set Learn More
  2. Giant Dental Care Model

    Giant Dental Care Model

    SSP: £27.99

    Giant Dental Care Model 2x Life Size Learn More
  3. Giant Teeth Demonstration Model

    Giant Teeth Demonstration Model

    SSP: £21.99

    Healthy Teeth Model Learn More
  4. SiliShapes® Linking People - Pk36

    SiliShapes® Linking People - Pk36

    SSP: £15.99

  5. Wooden Community People Blocks - Pk32
  6. Expression Mirror Faces - Pk10

    Expression Mirror Faces - Pk10

    SSP: £29.99

  7. Understanding Feelings Pack

    Understanding Feelings Pack

    SSP: £25.99

    Set of 13 acetate emotion faces with 3 blank acetate faces, 3 blank write on/wipe off faces, A3 key poster and teachers notes. Learn More

7 Item(s)

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