Perception Spheres - Pk8

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2015 PPS Silver Award Winner
(Toys & Games 0-3 category)

The sensory Perception Spheres come in eight different clear colours and are smoothly pleasing to hold. The very youngest children will enjoy handling them in free sensory play or a part of a Treasure Basket collection.

Older children will find them fascinating as they hold them up and look through them seeing the world around them in different colours. The way light behaves when children look through the spheres they will also see the world from a different angle. Holding two or three spheres together creates new colours and hues; using them on a light panel will enhance the children's opportunities for colour mixing.

Includes information sheet in 4 languages and supplied in a foam-lined box for convenient storage.

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Supports the following areas of learning:

• Understanding the World - colour
• Physical Development - motor skills
• Personal Development - sensory
• Communication & Language - descriptive language

PPS Awards - What the testers said:
"Our children loved them! Frozen in water play or in trays with objects to look at through them - our chlidren have enjoyed playing with them. They are a good investment for a childcare setting. Our children loved looking through them and then rolling them. Excellent for a child with SEN."

Size: 50mm diameter. Pk8.

Age: Suitable for all ages.

Perception Spheres - Pk8

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