Case Study:

How TickiT Light Panels can be used for SEN communication, with a focus on Henry who has Apraxia of Speech.

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Ashley from Orlando, Florida has two children and regularly makes use of her TickiT light panel in her home setting. Ashley’s story was brought to our attention when she shared a picture of her very imaginative son Henry creating characters on a TickiT Light Panel using translucent shapes. After contacting Ashley, we learnt that Henry suffers from Apraxia and has been using the light panel as a communication tool for some time.

Our TickiT light panels are designed and manufactured by us as we believe they are a fantastic open-ended resource which can be used in any setting. We were delighted to see this in action and wanted to find out more…



When was Henry diagnosed with Apraxia?

“Our sweet Henry is 4 years old and was diagnosed with Apraxia of Speech in May of 2017.

Up until about 10 months ago, he could not verbally communicate to where he was understood, by anyone. Of course, being mum and dad we had learned how to communicate with him as best as we could, which still wasn't ideal.

Henry also struggles a bit with his emotions, as many toddlers do, but the frustration of not being understood the first 3 years of life was difficult. He is a very loving child and enjoys meeting everyone!”




Previously, what tools or resources have you used to help Henry communicate?

“We tried sign language, which was good for some basic things, but because of his sensory issues and lack of speech, he is easily overwhelmed and overstimulated and couldn't always use them.

We then used a picture board with Velcro on the back of the pictures. This helped us to be able to at least communicate the basics of food, toys, bath time, etc.

In all this time we have been in speech therapy several days a week, working on his verbalization of words. We've seen HUGE progress in the last several months. He can now have conversations with kids and other adults and be a bit more understood, every day is a challenge still!

We didn't realize the depth of Henry’s love for storytelling until he was able to tell us, although from very early on he loved to set up these amazing scenes with his dinosaurs and other toys.”


How do you make use of your TickiT Light Panel?

“My husband and I both have a little bit of an education background, but we are excited to bring in fun and engaging ways to teach our children. Where the light table comes in is that he is such a visual learner. He loves to see the way the words, letters and shapes are illuminated on the board! It's calming and fun for him. It's also a lot less messy and eco-friendly than using paper every day. He uses the shapes to create characters. It's amazing how their little minds work. It's fascinating and beautiful!”


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