Important changes

Dear Customer,

The popular TechCard building system was originally designed and conceived by David Eckold in 1999. Since its inception our team at Commotion have been delighted to provide marketing, manufacturing and distribution support, helping the range grow to become a standard resource in school science & technology departments.

In recent years as Commotion has moved into new areas we became increasingly aware that we were unable to continue to offer the support this excellent product deserves. In order to offer the best future for TechCard and in consultation with us David Eckold has sourced a new manufacturing and distribution partner for 2017 in Arthur Heath Ltd., a company that we have known and traded with for many years.

Having totally refreshed the TechCard range for 2017, David will also take on a more hands-on role in the development of his business, so you can now talk directly with the owner and designer.

Up until 31st December 2016 you can continue to order TechCard as usual from Commotion. From 1st January 2017 David will take over.

Details and prices of the 2017 range can be found in attached brochure.

For product information and enquiries please contact:
David Eckold:
Tel: 01424 883177

For orders please contact:
Arthur Heath Ltd. Sales Team:
Tel: 01622 717507

May we take this opportunity to thank all current TechCard customers for their loyal and enthusiastic support over the years, and say we are certain that TechCard will continue to grow as it enters a new phase. Our sincere thanks and best wishes for the future to David Eckold and Arthur Heath Ltd.
Yours faithfully,
Timothy Coote
Commotion Ltd.
Managing Director