The early years pupil premium (EYPP) is additional funding for early years settings to improve the quality of the education they provide for disadvantaged 3- and 4-year olds. The funding, available to eligible early years settings from 1st April 2015, is intended to close the gap in attainment between children before they start school. The funded children will be expected to make rapid progress in their learning and development. 

The eligible groups for the EYPP will be children from low income families (defined as meeting the criteria for free school meals), children who have been looked after by the Local Authority for at least one day, have been adopted from care, have left care through special guardianship and children subject to a child arrangement order, setting out with whom the child is to live.


The EYPP will pay early years providers an additional £300 per year for each eligible child who takes up the full free entitlement with them. In the same way that the Pupil Premium operates in schools, the EYPP will work on the assumption that providers are best placed to know how to support their disadvantaged children. Although there will be no restrictions on how providers spend the EYPP, Ofsted will hold providers to account on how they have used the EYPP to support their disadvantaged children through the inspection process.

 It is important to remember that this targeted funding is for disadvantaged children aged 3 and 4. The families of the eligible children need to be attracted to early years settings in the first place. Parents, carers and above all children need to be in a comfortable but inspiring environment.

Settings aiming for excellence in the early years must provide resources specifically chosen to support personal and social development, to enhance early communication, language, literacy and mathematics and, above all, to stimulate an active desire for learning and a curiosity about the world around them – all aimed at ‘closing the educational gap’ between children. 

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