Open-ended creative play is an essential part of learning in the early years.  Imaginative play is child-led, and the child's imagination is the only limitation. There is no agenda and it can be reflective of the child’s experiences, expectations or even fears and concerns.

There are certain resources that have been a staple of imaginary play for generations. Model cars have been used since cars existed and play kitchens are another example of an imaginary play resource which is popular with almost every child in the early years. 

Creative Play EYFS

It is commonplace for early years settings to dedicate an area as a ‘home corner’ where items such as wooden kitchen, replica white goods and appliances can be found. These areas can be used to inspire role play in the early years which is a fantastic way for children to make sense of their experiences and reflect and share their home set up and culture.


Imaginative Play EYFS


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