As the warmer weather settles in many early years settings and schools review their provision for outdoor play. Playing outdoors is a great way for babies and children to have first-hand experience of the weather, the seasons and the natural world. This supports their learning and development, their wellbeing and their physical and mental health. 

When children, and adults, are playing together out of doors they can do familiar things on a larger scale without having to worry too much about noise levels or mess. Playing out of doors gives babies and young children the freedom to explore using all their senses, to use their bodies and to have exuberant fun! 




It is important not to restrict playing outside just on warm, dry days – late autumn, winter and early spring all provide their own opportunities for learning. Adults should make the most of tried and tested activities such as building a den, climbing a tree, playing hide and seek or chase. Teachers and early years practitioners should encourage children to enjoy singing and action games or drawing with chalks on a paved area. These are all good ways of helping children to develop self-confidence and to learn their own physical limits in a safe environment.




Commotion Distribution have a whole range of resources to encourage active outdoor play, helping children to develop their fine and gross motor skills, to become independent and to play co-operatively and to explore the natural world around them.

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