Target Maths Curling Game Suitable for children from 3+ 

Loosely based upon the ancient Scottish game of curling – where granite rocks were slid across a frozen pond, Target Maths Curling provides the same tactical challenges but with the added bonus of mental arithmetic.

The set comes with 12 different giant sized circular laminated card targets designed by a primary specialist maths teacher and 12 curling stones (4 sets of 4 differently coloured stones). The idea like the proper game, is to get your stones into the middle of the target to win the game, but being circular means that children can access the targets from all sides and 4 can play at once taking it in turns to roll their

Games range from simple number recognition to multiplication and are idea for all levels of mathematics from 3 to 11 years of age. Games can be played where competitors have to score points in order to reach a total (such as 100) or to be the first to reduce their score from 100. Games where mental agility is being challenged can be the first person to call out the answer.  Curling Maths can be played on the floor, in a corridor or on a table. It is great fun and addictive. Children who watched the recent winter Olympics will have seen the game played by the GB team and know how it works. Playing the game is so much fun they won’t even know they are learning better mental arithmetic skills.

54519 Target Maths Curling Game SSP £19.99