Silishapes Sensory Circle Set
Suitable for children from birth.

Placed like colourful stepping stones on the floor, children will want to walk on them and feel their textures. Made from ultra-soft silicon they each have a distinctively different surface pattern so that even when blindfolded children will be able to tell them apart using their feet. This set comprises of 5 giant sensory circles (350mm dia.) and 5 small sensory circles (80mm dia.) which exactly match the larger ones in terms of their colours and textures.

There is a black ‘feely bag’ too which children can use to feel the texture of the mini sensory circle and to then try and match it to the stepping stone circle using their feet. On the surface of each circle is a pattern which is distinctive and different from the rest of the set from concentric circles, to dots and even raised ‘grass’ stalks. Children can feel these textures and discover their differences. Linking the small and the large sensory circles via touch is great fun too with or without a blindfold. Silicon has some great properties which makes it the ideal material for sensory circles - it is strong, safe to handle and ultra-soft to the touch. On the floor, the circles will grip and not slip even on a shiny surface and after use they can be washed by hand or popped into a dishwasher set on a high temperature to clean them thoroughly without harm.

54517 Silishapes Sensory Circle Set SSP £34.99