SiliShapes™ Soft Bricks - Pk24
Suitable for children from 18m +

These perfectly sized bricks (75 x 37.5 x 25mm) are made to fit a young child’s hand with ease and can be stacked, placed and arranged into patterns or sorted. They interlock in a row or around a corner and provide young children with their first building brick set. They are made from a special see-through silicon which is soft and flexible to the touch and safe to handle by children from 18m+. They are ideal for use by toddlers on a light box too where their softness and colourful transparency and colour mixing properties will prove fascinating. They can be used in sand and water or as props within small world play. 

After use they can be washed clean using soapy water or cleaned in a dishwasher even set on a high temperature without harm. The set comprises of 24 identical pieces in 4 colours – 6 x red, blue, green and yellow.

54515 Silishapes Soft Bricks £24.99