These packs of six sets of tweezers are great to use with young children in early years settings and schools. Using the child-sized tweezers will help children develop their manipulation skills, hand-eye co-ordination and fine motor control – all essential skills for controlling pencils and other mark making tools. 

tweezers as EYFS resourceYou can think up all sorts of activities – desk-top, in the water tray, out of doors – which need concentration and control to complete. Try asking children to move, sort or separate shells and stones, glass pebbles and counters or even peas, beans and other pulses. You can add to the difficulty by providing delicate objects such as leaves or feathers which will help children develop a more gentle approach to using the tweezers. 

Provide children with challenges such as picking up small blocks or sticks to build with, creating designs by placing and arranging a range of objects or completing more complex collages.

The sets of tweezers are a cost effective resource which you will be able to use in many different ways with young children.