Older children can benefit greatly from using our Talking Tubes range as they are ideal for improving communication and social skills, especially amongst quieter children who may need encouragement to speak out or voice their opinions. The Starter Set can be used under tables, around chairs, behind a tree or bench in an outdoor play area or in role play. The Telephone Exchange is intended for larger groups of children, ideal for the finer skills associated with communication and can be used in a group discussion or debating scenarios to encourage collaboration, turn-taking and ensuring all children have their say. All sets are waterproof and strong enough to be buried under topsoil, bark chippings, sand or in water, threaded through bushes or used in an outdoor classroom

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  1. Talking Tubes®

    Talking Tubes®

    SSP: £15.99

    Talking Tubes® Set Learn More
  2. Talking Tubes® Telephone Exchange

    Talking Tubes® Telephone Exchange

    SSP: £55.99

    Talking Tubes® Telephone Exchange Set Learn More
  3. Talking Tubes® Who's Speaking, Who's Listening

    Talking Tubes® Who's Speaking, Who's Listening

    SSP: £59.99

    Talking Tubes Whos Speaking, Whos Listening Set Learn More
  4. Sound Bank Plus - Mirror

    Sound Bank Plus - Mirror

    SSP: £11.99

  5. Expression Mirror Faces - Pk10

    Expression Mirror Faces - Pk10

    SSP: £29.99

  6. Understanding Feelings Pack

    Understanding Feelings Pack

    SSP: £25.99

    Set of 13 acetate emotion faces with 3 blank acetate faces, 3 blank write on/wipe off faces, A3 key poster and teachers notes. Learn More
  7. Blindfolds - Pk6

    Blindfolds - Pk6

    SSP: £12.99

    Blindfolds Learn More

7 Item(s)

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