Talking Tubes® Who's Speaking, Who's Listening

Product Code: 73970


Part of our award-winning Talking Tubes® range, the Who's Speaking, Who's Listening set combines communication with turn-taking. 6 hollow tubes and telephone handsets are connected to a central hub to promote conversations and collaboration between a group of up to 6 children. When one speaks everyone else can hear what they are saying. Within the set are 6 blindfolds so that in addition to normal conversations children can play exciting games such as: Chinese whispers, describing a mystery object and using a disguised voice to play ‘guess who’s talking’.

Talking Tubes® is a patented design.

- Can be used inside or out
- Strong plastic design
- Can easily be washed clean after use

Supports the following areas of learning:

• Communication & Language - talking & listening
• Personal Development - collaborative play
• Understanding the World - sound

19-piece set includes 6 handsets, 6 blindfolds, connector hub and 6 x 1.5m lengths of tubing.

Age: Suitable from 3 years.

Talking Tubes® Who's Speaking, Who's Listening

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