Product Recall Information

Date of notice: 21/07/2021

75542 Mini Trampoline

Despite ensuring that rigorous checks and tests are carried out on all our products, we have identified a potential safety hazard with 75542 Mini Trampoline, whereby the support handle can break away from the main frame of the trampoline. 

We have worked with our factory to ensure this issue does not happen on any future orders.

The identified fault relates to a single batch of stock PO10718

The product recall is for trampoline orders sold between 15th January 2021- 21st April 2021 

We advise you to stop using the Mini Trampoline immediately and contact our customer service team on + 44 (0)1732 773399 or via email at to arrange for collection of the trampoline. 

We can either send a replacement or alternatively issue a refund / credit to your account. Read more...