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Field Effects

Field Effects

Our range of field effects resources contain safely encased iron filings and are used to observe the effects of invisible magnetic fields. By holding a magnet to the surface of the Magnetic Field Pattern Window, the iron filings inside become magnetised and cluster into the lines that show the magnetic field which is otherwise invisible to the human eye.

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  1. Magnetic Field Pattern Window - White Background
  2. Magnetic Field Pattern Window - Transparent

    Magnetic Field Pattern Window - Transparent

    Price: £32.99

    Magnetic Field Pattern Window Learn More
  3. Magnetic Globe Set

    Magnetic Globe Set

    Price: £22.99
    Magnetic Globe Set Learn More
  4. Giant Magnetic Tube
  5. Lenz’s Law Kit

    Lenz’s Law Kit

    Price: £12.50
  6. Iron Filings Shaker - 225g

    Iron Filings Shaker - 225g

    Price: £2.25

    Iron Filings Shaker Learn More
  7. Round Iron Filings Bubble

    Round Iron Filings Bubble

    Price: £1.20

    Iron Filings Bubble Learn More
  8. Round Iron Filings Bubble - Pk10
  9. Iron Filings Bubble

9 Item(s)

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