Magnetic Connections Electricity Kit

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Shaw Magnets

All electrical circuits required to cover the needs of the National Curriculum Science for Key Stages 1 & 2 are included in this set. All connections are made using transparent wires to show the copper core, bases are clear to show the path of electricity right to the component. Circuits are made using the superb ‘Maglead’ system where a tiny yet powerful magnet at either end of the lead makes the electrical connection when placed near to the connector. If you are looking for a simple electricity kit that covers the curriculum and guarantees success every time, then look no further. The set includes simple Teacher’s notes.

Note: Sheets are copyright free to purchasing establishment. Requires 3 x ‘C’ cells.

Supports the following areas of learning:

• Understanding the World - magnetism

Contents: 6 Bases, 2 x MES bulbs and holders, 1 x Festoon bulb, 1 x Buzzer, 1 x Push to Make Switch, 1 x Motor, 10 x Magleads, 2 x Crocodile Clips, Resistance Wire, 3 x Battery Connectors and Teacher’s notes.

Age: Suitable for use with children under adult supervision.
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Magnetic Connections Electricity Kit

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